Terms and Conditions


This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you accept when you authorise work to be undertaken by us, and these Terms and Conditions also apply to Vehicles that are not being repaired and are stored at our premises with No Authority. By your Vehicle being left at Signs Lines ‘n Scrolls, you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.


You agree to pay us the required amount for all work carried out; including storage fees and administration charges and for any other repairs, spraying and signwriting you have authorised us or advised us to do.


We endeavor to ensure that the work you require is commenced and completed within a reasonable time.  Where there are any delays starting or finishing any work we will provide you reasonable notice.

Security – Your Motor Vehicle and Personal Property

We will endeavour to keep your vehicle and its contents safe and secure at all times. Our premises are insured in accordance with the applicable state laws. However, whilst we endeavour to take all possible care of your property we do not accept any responsibility for any loss suffered.



Our standard payment guidelines are based upon completion of work. Any deviation from this schedule must be arranged prior to the commencement of repairs.


Upon completion of work carried out, you will pay us the agreed authorised quotation price, including any authorised additional or variation work.

Our maximum term of payment is thirty (30) days unless prior arrangements have been agreed to in writing.


Additional service fees, interest payments and administration charges may apply to late payments.


Credit card transactions may incur a flat or percentage fee as per other Industry Practices to recover rising bank fees. 


Manufacturer Warranty

The customer acknowledges that the parts or paint used are not made by us and are subject to warranties supplied by other entities, including the manufacturer of the paint or part.


Warranty Claims

The customer must give to us in writing, notice of any warranty issue within fourteen (14) days of identifying the issue.


Uncollected Goods

Interest Payment of 6.0% or a flat rate of $95.00 per day may be applied to all late and outstanding amounts.

Late Payments: of 6.0% or a flat rate of $95.00 per day may be applied to all late and outstanding amounts.

Storage Fees: Daily rate of $110.00 per day may apply upon arrival of the vehicle. Minimum charge based upon per day, 8 am to 5 pm, standard industry operating hours.


Please Note: Disputed or outstanding amounts maybe directed to our recovery agent and any further fees and charges may also be applicable.


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